I made a career timeline infographic

JSummer Career TimelineI regularly encourage my students to use Canva to create images for various assignments. Today I was playing around with it, thinking of things I could show them, and I found a template for a “career timeline.”

I’d never really seen or thought of anything like this, but I decided to make my own. I changed the fonts and design to mimic that of this website.

I don’t know that a career timeline is a terribly useful thing to have, but I like how it looks, and it is an easy-to-read breakdown of my background. I usually feel like my past experience is all over the place, but this makes it seem a bit more coherent.

I’m adding it to the home page of this site, and will share it in future courses I teach. Do any of you use Canva? If so, what for? I’ve become a big fan.

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Very nice.
When I speak to college students who will soon be entering creative fields, I always tell them to be creative with their resumes. Too many college students are told to follow a so-called “format” for resumes, as if they’re applying for accounting jobs. I throw away any resume that looks normal because I do not hire normal.
One of my favorite resumes was something like what you created. It was a 5″ high by 22″ wide timeline rolled up and sent to me in a tube that also included his lucky penny and instructions for me to return it to him at the interview.
Yes, I interviewed him. And yes, he got the job — even before I received a t-shirt with logos he designed on one side, and “I interviewed (artist’s name) and all I got was this t-shirt” on the other side.

Awesome! Not all of my Professional Writing students are entering creative fields, but I encourage those majoring in advertising and marketing to explore visual resumes. Do you mind if I share your comment with them (and future classes)?

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