I got something published!

I apologize for all the exclamation marks! I know they’re annoying! But I’m really excited! I just! can’t! stop! exclaiming!

Anyway, today the EEEL put up my story, “The Tooth.” I will warn you that I’ve been told this story is disgusting. I am super pumped about it, though. I really admire the EEEL (which stands for the Electric Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature) and am really proud that they wanted to publish something of mine. I also adore the artwork they paired with my story.

This is the second piece of fiction I’ve had published. The first was “Letter to the Editor” in revolver in 2012. Back then, revolver was brand new and someone who read my blog solicited me to submit.

After that, I submitted places here and there with no luck. Beginning in May of this year, I went ham with submissions. Duotrope says I’ve received 42 rejections and have 27 things out for submission right now. I feel like I’m getting the hang of submitting and learning to accept rejection without feeling bad about it. I have at least 15 pieces I consider ready for publication. Hopefully I’ll be sharing more acceptances soon!

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