Currently, I share my art on Instagram and offer items for sale on Etsy.

West Chicago art banner.HEIC

My art on display in West Chicago. August 2022.

Art Shows & Displays

WeGo Art Banner Exhibit, West Chicago, Illinois, June to September 2022

Kaleisia Tea Lounge Art Exhibit, Tampa, Florida, July to September 2018

Nasty Women Art Show, St. Pete Women's Collective, St. Petersburg, Florida, April 2017

Publications & Partnerships

You Are Beautiful Monthly Sticker Club, sticker artist, February 2022

Love for Love / Hate for Hate: A Glossary of Our Time zine curated by Beverly Acha, artist contributor, 2016

Arts & Craft Fairs

Wheaton Art Walk by Amdur Productions, Wheaton, Illinois, August 2022