I’m in my fifth year of teaching college-level writing. Here are blog posts I’ve written about teaching:

Currently, I hold a visiting instructorship, so email me if you know of a permanent teaching position you think might interest me. I also want to teach writing to non-academic folks, such as in local community groups and groups of people dealing with chronic illness, so email if you’d like to hire me for that.

These are the college courses I’ve taught:

  • CRW 3111: Form and Technique of Fiction (2 sections)
  • ENC 3246: Communication for Engineers (8 sections)
  • ENC 3250: Professional Writing (8 sections, one online)
  • ENC 1101: Composition I
  • ENC 1102: Composition II (3 sections)
  • ENG 4674: Film and Culture (2 sections, as a Graduate Assistant)