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Restaurant: Kaleisia (Tampa, FL)

I want to put a spotlight on Kaleisia. Although they’re not a vegan restaurant, they have many vegan options and helped me feel like going vegan while living in Tampa wouldn’t be too hard. I asked an employee what the word “Kaleisia” means, and he said it’s a combination of “kaleidoscope” and “Asia.”

I usually order the “Vegan Set B,” shown above. It’s only $12 and comes with so much! Two spring rolls, pumpkin soup and rice, veggie straws, a cupcake, and a tea. My personal opinion is that eating one spring roll, then the soup & rice, then the other spring roll, then cracking your laptop open to write or grade or do other work is the way to go. Then over the next couple hours, sip the tea and snack on veggie straws and the cupcake. So good.

Moving forward, I don’t plan on putting much food stuff on this blog anymore. I did it because I went vegan and blogging helped give me momentum, but now I feel pretty secure about eating a plant-based diet. Instead of blogging, I’ll review restaurants in the awesome vegan and vegetarian restaurant app, Happy Cow. I’ll probably still post food photos in my Instagram story, too.