I interviewed Lincoln Michel for Hobart

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to interview Lincoln Michel for Hobart. Please check it out. Because I was going to interview him, I received a free copy of his short story collection, Upright Beasts. If you read the interview, you’ll see that I liked it a lot.

This was the first writer interview I did and it was a lot of fun. Getting the book for free and then liking it was pretty exciting, too. It helped me feel a little more legitimate, like it’s another tiny sign that I’m progressing in the right direction and that this career path might be viable after all. I received the opportunity because my lovely professor Jarod Rosello connected me with Aaron Burch at Hobart via email (whom I was already sorta connected with via twitter).

I know some people probably think it’s dorky or naive-looking to share all of this info, but trust that I’m doing it intentionally. It seems like so many successful writers just magically appeared where they are, with little to no information available about how they got there. I like transparency and learning about writers’ struggles. I like when the process is demystified–it makes it clear that a writing career is something that can be achieved through work and isn’t preordained in a way where some are in and some are out no matter what. I like seeing writers’ journeys as collections of tiny little steps that eventually add up to a “real” career. This was one of those steps for me.