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#30DaysofNPOs Day Three: Amnesty International USA

While they are known for international work, Amnesty International also protects human rights in the US. The group has been around since 1961 and is against police brutality, torture, the death penalty, prisoner abuse, and more. The will be integral in protecting humans rights in the US during a Trump administration.

Click here to read Amnesty International’s post-election plan. It involves the following:

  • Protecting the right to protest
  • Mobilizing people to take a stand against hate
  • Pushing back when Trump’s agenda puts human rights at risk
  • Demanding scrutiny of presidential appointments and nominations
  • Empowering members to put grassroots pressure on Congress
  • Pushing the Obama Administration to protect human rights in its final weeks

They’re already watching Trump and put out a press release about how his nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General could lead to human rights violations. Overall, they’re a good organization to support.