New articles in Tenderly and SYFY

Oops, I moved across the country and almost forgot I had a blog. Well, I’ve been publishing a lot lately because I’m now a full-time freelance writer. You might’ve noticed I revamped my website to reflect this career shift. Most of what I write is content for businesses, but I’ve also been getting into more journalistic writing. Check out my two latest pieces:

“Should Vegans Eat Honey?” is an article I wrote for Tenderly in July. Tenderly is a new online magazine dedicated to all things vegan and I absolutely love it. I conducted several interviews for this article, which was fun and interesting. I was excited for the opportunity to challenge myself as a writer.

“Geek Road Trip: Have a Close Encounter at South Carolina’s UFO Welcome Center” is an article I wrote for, the website counterpart to the SYFY channel. When I drove from Florida to the Midwest with an SUV full of my dog and belongings, I came upon something wonderful called the UFO Welcome Center. Please read about it.

I hope everyone is well! :) I realize most people who read this blog still likely follow me from years past, when I lived in a different place, had a different job, and even a different name. I thank you all.

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