When I was in third grade, I wrote my first “novel.” It was about ten pages long and called Dust Bunnies. In Dust Bunnies, the dust collecting beneath furniture came to life as actual bunnies whenever humans left the room.

Unfortunately, Dust Bunnies is no longer around (you could say it… “hit the dust,” I guess? [sorry!]), but I continue to write fiction, along with creative nonfiction, and the occasional poem.

Check out some of my recent publications below. Also, if you’re an agent, send me an email! I’m currently seeking representation for my gritty yet humorous novel about aspiring Chicago comedians.

Fiction: Find my short stories in The Nottingham Review
The Conium Review, Jokes Review, animal: a beast of a literary magazine, and many more literary magazines

Creative Nonfiction: Find my personal essays in Proximity, Luna Luna Magazine, and the Hawai’i Review.

Poetry: My poetry is published in Poetry South and Alien Mouth.