Do you want to transition to a freelance career?

During my first year of freelancing, I learned many lessons the hard way. I was uncertain about where to find clients and how much to charge. I had trouble setting goals for myself and evaluating my perfomance. I’m embarrassed to admit how haphazardly I approached managing both my time and money.

Now, I’m confident in my ability to thrive as a full-time freelancer. I want to help others transition into freelance careers. Please, learn from my mistakes.

Currently, I offer one-on-one phone calls to people who are considering a freelance career or in their first year of freelancing. Please contact me if you’d like to hire me to coach you.

We can discuss:

  • Potential freelance services you can offer
  • How to identify and locate your ideal clients
  • Strategies for reinventing yourself as a freelancer
  • How to improve your resume and online presence
  • Ways to determine your freelance rate