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Introducing Chronically Lit

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Today is the official launch of a major project I founded and have been working on for hours a day–Chronically Lit. You can support the project by following it on twitter or instagram, and by signing up for the weekly email list (I’ll be sending out the first email today).

I’ve been doing so much writing for the site, I think I’ll just let it speak for itself rather than explain here. Consider checking out the following:

  • In an “In Conversation,” I and the site’s other editor, Annalise, discuss our vision for the site
  • For the past three weeks, I’ve written “Link Roundups” on Friday, which are collections of links related to chronic illness in literature and culture
  • Today, my first “official” piece of writing went live, the first part of a multi-part book review of Sonya Huber’s Pain Woman Takes Your Keys and Other Essays from a Nervous System

I’ve also been working with several writers on essay edits, and those essays will go live over the next two weeks. Exciting stuff!


I’m back!

Colorado Flag Shirt

Do you like my Colorado flag shirt?

Hello there, friends, family, fans, frenemies, enemies, and random search traffic weirdos! After months and months of not blogging I am happy to tell you I’m back. I needed a break to move 1,000 miles away, finish the novel I’ve been working on since 2010 (okay, it’s almost finished), lay plans for a new podcast, start some new health/lifestyle habits, and apply to MFA programs. Now that I’ve made progress on all of that, I’m ready to blog again.

I’ve outlined over a dozen posts so far. I’ll probably post 1-3 times a week for now. Topics include reading, writing, dating, health, personal growth, dogs, beauty, life philosophy, and whatever else is currently interesting me. Keep checking back, or better yet, subscribe via email:

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