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weirderary is open to submissions until 3/20/17

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Hi all,, the lit mag I co-founded and co-edit, is open to submissions until 3/20/17. We really want more visual art and comics especially. We are also open to fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and experimental stuff that doesn’t fit under a label.

Click here for the submission guidelines.


lit mags, writing

New flash fiction publication!

I am happy to share my recent publication in Lime Hawk–check it out! I had fun writing this one. I don’t usually write from a male perspective. I was thinking about how women’s insecurities are openly spoken about, while men’s often are not. I wrote this as an exercise in imagining insecurity in a man.

Lime Hawk is a super cool lit mag that also has social justice tendencies. Follow them on twitter after you read my short story.

lit mags, weirderary, writing

New issue of weirderary!

Click here to read issue four of weirderary!

(Okay, so the issue came out back in October, but I forgot to share it.)

I am so pleased that we’ve been doing this for over a year now. weirderary is a project I want to continue investing in and growing in the years to come. My hope is that we’ll have a print version some day–something physically small, with short single-page pieces, each one paired with visual art.

In light of the election, I’m happier than ever that we decided early on to have our definition of “weird” evolve to mean that we celebrate diversity and difference not only in writing content and style, but in the writer’s perspective and background.

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Project updates

I had a busy week and didn’t write a blog post like planned. :( Going to have to start putting that in my schedule. Until then, I wanted to give an update on the projects I’ve been spending time on.

WEIRDERARY: This is the weird little lit mag TJ Murray, Colleen Kolba, and I edit. We’ve put out three issues, which means we completed a year of publication. Woo hoo! We got submittable, and are currently open to submissions–if you write, please send something our way. New Pages just reviewed us very positively, so please read that and share if you feel moved. We’re also on twitter if you want to follow us.

FIRST DRAFT: This is the monthly live lit event I produce and host with TJ Murray and Colleen Kolba. It’s still going strong, and we had quite a few new audience members last month because WUSF was kind enough to put me on the radio. Visit the WUSF website to read the related article, and click here to hear me yapping. If you feel like supporting us on social media, here are the links: twitter, instagram, Facebook. My next steps are to get us a website, and hopefully some videos recorded of our readings and stories.

PODCAST: So…I’m starting one. Some of you might remember I had one before. Don’t want to say any more just yet, but stay tuned… I’m a little nervous, but mostly excited.