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Cafe Hey vegan brunch in Tampa

Cafe Hey is a cute lil cafe in Tampa that is known for good coffee, but they also sell food and treats. They have a vegan brunch one Sunday a month, and my friends decided we should go there for my birthday to celebrate.

(And yes, for those who know, my birthday was months ago, but I’m only getting around to posting this now.)

I turned 36, and although I’m not one to pay much attention to age, I didn’t feel very pumped about celebrating this year. It’s not that I’m afraid of or resistant to getting older, but more that I was a little bummed at the time and didn’t feel like my life was anything I wanted to put energy into making a big deal about. A low-key delicious vegan meal with six other people I like turned out to be perfect celebration for me.

cafe hey vegan brunch

I don’t know how often I’ll make it out to Cafe Hey because I no longer have a car, but the food was absolutely delicious. It was heartening to find more evidence that there are¬†awesome vegan options available in Tampa Bay. I ordered tacos and my friends had shrimp jambalaya and some other things. A few of my friends are vegetarian, but we had a couple of meat-eaters in the group and everyone liked the meal. Apparently the shrimp tasted so real, they double-checked with the staff to make sure it was actually vegan.

cafe hey vegan brunch

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Oh, Cafe Hey also has mimosas! :) I am drinking a grapefruit mimosa in the first photo and it was delicious. So, yes, bottom line, if you’re in Tampa, check out Cafe Hey, and if they have their vegan brunch going on, even better.

Also, while I was searching for vegan restaurant options in Tampa, I found this Tampa Vegan Guy blog. He hasn’t updated for a long time. What do you think–is he no longer vegan, does he no longer live in Tampa, or something else?


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