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#30DaysofNPOs Day One: ACLU

I am highlighting a non-profit organization (NPO) a day from Black Friday until Christmas. My criteria is that it 1) has an extensive history of success 2) operating on a national level 3) in a way that affects public policy 4) related to issues presently threatened by a Trump presidency, i.e. civil rights, immigration, race relations, women’s issues, religious freedom, environmental issues, workers’ rights, etc.

ACLU stands for the American Civil Liberties Union and it is one of the most well-known organizations I am highlighting. I chose the ACLU first because they cover all issues related to civil rights rather than a single issue. Also, the day after the election, the ACLU announced they would take Donald Trump to court if he implemented his proposed policies that would violate civil rights laws. (Here is a page in which they go deeper into all of the problems with Trump’s proposed policies. Since then, they’ve blogged about some of Trump’s nominations for executive offices.)

You can donate here, purchase a gift membership here, and check out their merchandise here. I am fond of the whistle blower shirt, since I was sorta kinda a whistle blower. I also kind of want to start carrying around a tiny Constitution? Oddly enough, the Trump victory has made me feel the most Patriotic I’ve ever felt in my life. I want to drape myself in American flags and tell Trump nope, this is my country, you aren’t taking it.

Note: I am still looking for more non-profits to highlight, so if you know of some that meet the criteria outlined above, please mention them in the comments!


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